The Best Places to Share Your Photos, Matterport & Videos

I often get asked the question “Where should I share my pictures?” Or “How should I link up my video?” So I figured I’d write a small post about it to give some tips on sharing your newly created photo/video assets.

In Your MLS Listing

In your MLS listing information there should be a section titled “multi-media” – This is the place to put your Matterport link, your video link etc. This will then showcase it to the viewer on MLS as a clickable link.

On Your Facebook Page

You do have a Facebook page..right? If not, that’s a whole other ballgame (and blog post) but let’s say that you do, you could employ a few tactics here:

  • Create a photo album of the property with written descriptions of each room; creating an album instead of uploading a single image is a great way to showcase the property to Facebook fans.
  • Drop the link to your “Property Website” in a quick FB post – Every shoot from us comes with a “Property Website” that you can share as you see fit. Copy the link to a Facebook post and all of your fans will see all of the details of the listing.
  • Create a video post; if you hired us to create a video for you, you can do the same “copy and paste” method here but with your video and you could share your video content that way.
  • If you purchased a Matterport from us, we’ll gladly give you a 360 photo of the primary room and you can share a neat 360 image that your fans can play with and have a quick interactive tour with – just let us know you want one, and we’ll send you one.

On Your Instagram Feed

Same question, different channel – You do have Instagram right?! 😉 You get the jist.. Instagram is THE platform for you to share all of your images and videos on.

  • You can share your property images in a single post (up to 10) or you can do a few posts here and there about the property to build interest. 
  • If you purchased a video from us, you can upload it to your Instagram channel and if it’s less than a minute, it will show your whole video. If the video we gave you is longer than a minute, it will upload and automatically turn into an IGTV video but will give your followers a good preview clip.
  • If you ordered a Matterport from us, we’ll gladly give you a quick video clip of the dollhouse floor plan that you can use as a teaser – Just let us know you want one, and we’ll send you one.

On Your Website

Assuming again, that you have a website – make sure you add all of the goodies to your website; Matterport tours can be embedded, videos can be embedded as well and of course, pictures can be added to your website too.

On Your Printed Materials

This is an obvious (I think), but make sure you use these great images in your Just Listed and Just Sold postcards and of course in the feature sheets or flyers that you’re using to market your listing. Did you know that every photo package that is purchased from us comes with a free customizable feature flyer that you can create to share with your clients? (Hint: It’s in your client dashboard under the “Marketing” tab, named “Flyer Builder”).

In Your Email Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the best strategies for building client relationships. Collect emails from your website, local outreach, or any other methods you can think of and then send your email subscribers notices about upcoming open houses, new houses on the market, etc.

As you can see, there are many ways to share your photos, Matterport and Video. If you’re using any of these channels, you’re in a great spot! We’d love to help show off your upcoming listings, so please give us a call and we can get you taken care of.