We’ve shot over 150 houses in the past year and have seen some truly awe-inspiring homes! These homes all had a few things in common, so we thought we’d share our favourite tips on getting your property ready for a photoshoot.

  1. Pack up family photos and consider putting away memorabilia and personal keepsakes
  2. Make the foyer welcoming and open by adding a small bench or a vase of flowers to the front hallway
  3. Hire a professional cleaning staff to clean the property before the first showing
  4. Pack up non-essentials in every room to create a more spacious atmosphere
  5. Check that all window treatments (Blinds, shades, and coverings) are modern and work properly
  6. Set the dinner table with a nice place setting to let the buyer imagine living in the space
  7. Be sure to clean or replace any carpeting and consider refinishing any wood flooring
  8. Use bright white lightbulbs to give your space a brighter, true-colour appearance and update/clean your light fixtures/lampshades if necessary
  9. Remove items from the kitchen counters such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, etc. these items take up space and make the counter seem smaller
  10. Install new shower curtains in the bathrooms (fabric is always a great choice) and add fresh flowers, pretty soaps or candles to the bathroom counter to give it a spa-like feel